Alexander Capon

Actor / Voiceover Artist



Earlier this week Alexander shot a commercial for a new game. This is going to be an internet viral, check back soon for a link!


Alex has just had a showreel put together by the brilliant Céline Terranova. Check it out now on the Reels page!

Big News

Alexander is proud to announce that he is now a member of Stolen Emerald Productions the team behind his last project “The Wrath of Moriarty” trailer. You can see the trailer and learn more about Stolen Emerald at:

Stolen Emerald

Alex recently attended the premier of the silent short film that he was in called “Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald” by director Céline Terranova. Along with the film was a trailer for a sequel, in which Alexander played Moriarty. More information can be found at


Alex has just shot a new short film about to hit the festival circuit. Alex plays the part of Stephan in “Yeardley”, a new film by director Alex Facey. The film stars Megan Prescott off “Skins” and will be posted on YouTube soon so check back for links.

Let's Go To The Movies

Alexander is pleased to announce that he will be going on tour with the musical, “Let’s Go To The Movies” with SG Productions. The tour starts on September 10th and finishes November 12th and will go throughout the north of England.

Julius Caesar

Alex is proud to announce that he will soon be appearing in The Principal Theatre Company‘s production of Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar Poster